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System Analyst, Programmer – Sidney MicroSystems

May 1996 – Mar 1999

  • Developed CORE – Developed a “Compoment Oriented Reusable Environment” system in Visual Basic that allows transparent communications between various shop floor terminals (Intermec, Computerwise, and a few others).  This system handled the basic communications plumbing with the devices.  This allowed the other developers to focus on the specific business requirements.
  • Hartzell Fan – Wrote the pricing module of a sales order application.  This application was written in Visual Basic 4-16 so that it could run on Windows 3.1 (Many of the sales reps had older computers)
  • Handheld Serial Transfer – Wrote the PC side (in Visual Basic) that transfers information to and from an Intermec Janus handheld.
  • Wally Byam Caravan Club – Converted the membership system from dBase III+ to Foxpro for Windows (version 2.6)
  • Access DB/Excel Automation – Wrote a Visual Basic app that allows the user to enter equipment downtime information into an Access database.  Also wrote Visual Basic for Applications code in Excel to pull the data from the Access database.
  • Sales Order System – Converted to a multi-user MDI based Visual Basic Application using Microsoft SQL Server as the database engine.
  • Goodyear – Developed a Visual Basic touch screen application used on a shop floor that allows operators to easily select the next job to start and view information about the current job.