Senior Software Developer - Resurgent Capital Services

Jun 2014 - Present

  • Created a File Validation site using Azure, SignalR, & Redis. Project included unit tests and I was able to obtain 97% code coverage.
  • Developed a Go/NoGo Dashboard to provide a "quick glance" of system health. The site includes an AngularJS website, WebAPI service layer, and a Windows Service to perform the system checks.
  • Created a simple Wiki site to display and edit Markdown to help document projects and share information.
  • Integrated Database Migrations with Octopus Deploy
  • Installed Discourse in Azure in attempt to foster group discussions. (Jury is still out on people using the tool)
  • In addition to the fun projects listed above, I have also helped maintain existing legacy applications. (Some of the apps have 12+ year old stored procedures that still run hundreds of times per day)

IT Director, Senior Programmer - United Telemanagement Corp.

Jul 2011 - Jun 2014(Contractor from Feb-Jun 2014)

  • Served as IT director, supervising both development and support teams.
  • ASP.Net MVC, jQuery, Ajax - Designed and assisted coding of a single page application to allow call center agents to accept payments for patients.
  • Attended Architecting with Amazon Web Services training in preparation for moving our core business software to the cloud.

Jun 2008 - Jul 2011

  • Hospital Update Program Created application to ensure each location is running latest version of software.
  • Wrote interface calling TeamworkPM and publishing updates to HipChat API used in our call center.
  • HL7 Library (C#) - Wrote HL7 server application to accept messages from hospital, create c# objects for each message, and store required elements to database.
  • Created messaging service using Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) delivering more than 10,000 messages daily.
  • Converted Visual Basic programs to C# Windows Services for 24x7 applications running at hospitals.

Programmer - Strategic Data Systems (Resurgent Capital Services)

Jul 2007 - Jun 2008

  • ASP.Net development - using both C# and VB.Net. Worked with customer to complete final changes on application that had been in UAT for more than a year.
  • .Net C# development - Wrote windows service that watches for files and transfers the files to customer FTP server. We used nLog to create detailed log messages that have assisted in making this a very robust application.
  • SQL Server Reports - Created SQL Server reports for reporting metrics from application.
  • VB.Net development - Wrote windows service that launches multiple instances of SQL Server stored procedures and specified intervals and monitors for deadlocks.

Programmer - Pillar Technology (Cintas, Mason OH)

Mar 2006 - Jul 2007

  • ASP.Net development - using C#, Visual Studio Team System Tests, Caliber, StarTeam
  • WATIR UI Testing - Modified Paraesthesia library to use VSTS tests (instead of NUnit), and provide a mechanism to be able to pass variables between tests. Wrote tests that perform all steps required to submit an order.
  • Database Maintenance - Responsible for keeping Oracle development database changes synchronized with QA database. Imported data from Legacy systems (SQL 2K) into Oracle.
  • Continuous Integration Server - (CruiseControl) Setup new projects and modified existing projects on the build server.
  • Project Deployment - Wrote detailed MSBuild script and batch file to checkout source from version control (StarTeam), build projects, and deploy to selected servers.

Owner, Project Lead, Programmer - A7Dev

Aug 2005 - Feb 2006

  • Kettering Seminars Web Scheduler Conversion (ASP.Net/C#) - This project involved converting an incomplete ASP application that had lingered for nearly two years.  By moving it to .NET/C#, I was able to complete the project.
  • GoPromo WebBuilder Conversion (ASP.NET/C#, SQL Server 2000) - Upgrading this site to SQL2K (from Access) solved a major scalability problem.  Converting the code to C# provided a much richer and dynamic user interface.
  • BradyWare Data Conversion, import, and folder maintenance programs (Visual Basic 6)
  • Postal Zip code WebService (C#) - As a working demo for a customer, I built a web service that returns zip code, city, and state information.
  • Yoder Industries .NET Remoting/serial interface to scale - The serial port portion of this app was done in C# 2.0.  It runs on a computer in the shipping area.  The computer from the data center uses .NET Remoting (1.1) to connect to the shipping computer and request the current weight from the scale.
  • Network Administration - Responsible for every step of purchasing, building loading, and maintaining computers.  Maintain more than 150 sites in IIS (wrote program to automate new domains).  Maintain DNS servers (wrote another program to script adding new domains). Responsible for ISA Firewall, keeping computers patched, backed up, etc...
  • Screen Scraping Application - C# windows application that gets the source of a web page every 15 seconds, and uses RegEx to parse the selected values into a database.

Director Software Support and Development - United Telemanagement Corp.

May 2003 - Aug 2005

  • Hospital Software Installation and Upgrade - During this two year period, we installed and maintained our application in many hospitals. Most hospitals required a trip to install a server at the location, and another trip when the hospital went live on the system.
  • Telelink Verison 3.0 (ASP/VB6) - I was one of three architects and the principle developer of the Next Generation software that runs the majority of their business.  Another developer and I had developed the original application in Foxpro DOS more than 8 years earlier. We moved the application into Active Server Pages, SQL Server 2K, and Visual Basic.
  • Maintenance Programming (VB6/ASP) - Modified existing programs to provide additional functionality as business needs changed. I was the person primarily responsible for debugging and enhancing the applications developed by WBSolution.

Co-Owner, Project Lead, Programmer - WBSolution

Mar 1999 - May 2003

  • GoPromo Website (ASP) - Dynamic public website.  Allows users to search and view Homes/Apartments/Mobiles in West Michigan.
  • WBSolution Intranet (ASP) - Site developed to track project information.  I also wrote a VB6 application to export the data into a .QIF file that was imported into QuickBooks for billing.
  • Location Monitor (VB6/ASP) - Web site providing information from our servers located in hospitals around the country.
  • Marathon Specialty Products - Rocketport 16-port serial (VB6) ) - This application interfaces to a bank of 12+ serial printers and based on the part scanned, sends the correct label(s) to the correct printer(s)
  • Health Level Seven Interface - HL7 (VB6) - IP Server application to collect hospital ADT (Admit/Discharge/Transfer) information.  This is a sold program running in more than 30 hospitals collecting data 24x7.
  • Telephony Application (VB6) - Application plays interactive prompts for patients.  Based on patient input, the telephone and/or televison services are activated/deactivated (using interfaces discussed below).
  • Interface, Siemens HiPath Telephone Switch - Serial (VB6) -
  • Interface, NEC NEAX 2400/2400 Telephone Switch - Serial, API (VB6) -
  • Interface, Alcatel Telephone Switch - Dialogic (VB6) -
  • Interface, Nortel Option 81 Telephone Switch - Dialogic (VB6) -
  • Interface, SL100 Telephone Switch - IP (VB6) -
  • Interface, Lucent/Definity Telephone Switch - Dialogic (VB6) -
  • eBay API Application (VB6/ASP)

System Analyst, Programmer - Sidney MicroSystems

May 1996 - Mar 1999

  • Developed CORE - Developed a "Compoment Oriented Reusable Environment" system in Visual Basic that allows transparent communications between various shop floor terminals (Intermec, Computerwise, and a few others).  This system handled the basic communications plumbing with the devices.  This allowed the other developers to focus on the specific business requirements.
  • Hartzell Fan - Wrote the pricing module of a sales order application.  This application was written in Visual Basic 4-16 so that it could run on Windows 3.1 (Many of the sales reps had older computers)
  • Handheld Serial Transfer - Wrote the PC side (in Visual Basic) that transfers information to and from an Intermec Janus handheld.
  • Wally Byam Caravan Club - Converted the membership system from dBase III+ to Foxpro for Windows (version 2.6)
  • Access DB/Excel Automation - Wrote a Visual Basic app that allows the user to enter equipment downtime information into an Access database.  Also wrote Visual Basic for Applications code in Excel to pull the data from the Access database.
  • Sales Order System - Converted to a multi-user MDI based Visual Basic Application using Microsoft SQL Server as the database engine.
  • Goodyear - Developed a Visual Basic touch screen application used on a shop floor that allows operators to easily select the next job to start and view information about the current job.

Programmer - Barcode Management Systems.

Oct 1994 - May 1996

  • Summit Polymers, Kalamazoo MI - Developed a Visual Basic Multidrop application that communicates with shop floor terminals to provide lot traceability for passenger airbag covers.
  • Formerly Zeneca AG Products, North Little Rock AK - Wrote major portions of an application to print and apply barcode labels to jugs, boxes, and pallets.  Also developed a status screen that displayed real time production data.
  • Navistar, Springfield OH - Developed a client server ODBC (Watcom SQL) VB interface between an Intermec Janus 2020 scanner used for quality assurance.
  • AAP, St. Marys OH - Completed an application used for shop floor data collection system that uses ComputerWise terminals and Vertex Bridgenet software.  Used Foxpro for reporting.
  • Team Building - Implemented version control software (Sourcesafe), and trained staff on how to use it. Instituted coding standards and created a library of reusable components.

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