Co-Owner, Project Lead, Programmer – WBSolution

Mar 1999 – May 2003

  • GoPromo Website (ASP) – Dynamic public website.  Allows users to search and view Homes/Apartments/Mobiles in West Michigan.
  • WBSolution Intranet (ASP) – Site developed to track project information.  I also wrote a VB6 application to export the data into a .QIF file that was imported into QuickBooks for billing.
  • Location Monitor (VB6/ASP) – Web site providing information from our servers located in hospitals around the country.
  • Marathon Specialty Products – Rocketport 16-port serial (VB6) ) – This application interfaces to a bank of 12+ serial printers and based on the part scanned, sends the correct label(s) to the correct printer(s)
  • Health Level Seven Interface – HL7 (VB6) – IP Server application to collect hospital ADT (Admit/Discharge/Transfer) information.  This is a sold program running in more than 30 hospitals collecting data 24×7.
  • Telephony Application (VB6) – Application plays interactive prompts for patients.  Based on patient input, the telephone and/or televison services are activated/deactivated (using interfaces discussed below).
  • Interface, Siemens HiPath Telephone Switch – Serial (VB6) –
  • Interface, NEC NEAX 2400/2400 Telephone Switch – Serial, API (VB6) –
  • Interface, Alcatel Telephone Switch – Dialogic (VB6) –
  • Interface, Nortel Option 81 Telephone Switch – Dialogic (VB6) –
  • Interface, SL100 Telephone Switch – IP (VB6) –
  • Interface, Lucent/Definity Telephone Switch – Dialogic (VB6) –
  • eBay API Application (VB6/ASP)
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