Monthly Archives: April 2016

Idea wall


I have been a fan of cards on a wall for years. I buy the 1/2″ 4’x8′ sheets of insulation. In the past, they were about $8, but the latest at Home Depot is more like 14.

In my current setup, I added a few curtain rails along the top of my whiteboard. Then, I cut the insulation boards down to a smaller size and use them for “cork boards”.

Here is a recent example of one of my boards.

Luke – What is this board for?

He came in this morning and asked why I had all the cards on the board. I figured it would be easier to show him than to explain it. I grabbed a clean board and we started “brainstorming” the treehouse he wants to build. He likes things a little more visual, so I printed some pics and attached them to the cards.

When I first put the clean board up and told him it was for the treehouse, he was pretty skeptical. I believe he was thinking were going to actually start building the treehouse right now. However, once we got a few cards on the board, I think he got the idea. He is a fan now (although, I am sure he rather just have the treehouse)

Here is an example of the top of the board where you can see the curtain rods. And, I know you are wondering… Yes, I did wrap the edge in a little Duct tape just to give it that professional look. 🙂