I am a Christian, Husband, Father, and American (pretty much in that order).  I am not suggesting I am the best of any of these, but I do feel strongly about each one.

Profile Picture

Scott Brooks (with Luke)


This picture is a little dated now.  I believe Luke was about 4 months old when it was taken.  Earlier this year (Jan 2016), we celebrated his 6th birthday.  It has been my profile pic for some years.

I believe it is a good choice for at least 5 reasons.


  1. First, it was taken by my best friend in life, my wife Tammy.  We have known each other since either of us can remember.  We lived across the street from each other since Tammy was 5 years old. I lived at 509 Sandy Lane in Franklin, OH.  Tammy lived at 510 Sandy Lane.  Google estimates the distance from our homes @ 3′, but I would guess it was closer to 30′.
    Distance between our homes

    Distance between our homes

    We were not always friends. We grew up in a very “boy” neighborhood. I had four brothers and the home two houses down had 5 boys. Girls were “icky” for a long time. I thank Tammy’s sister, Ginger, for helping to hook us up. She was a friend to me and gave me the confidence I needed to ask Tammy out to a movie. Tammy and I have been best friends ever since.

  2. I am wearing my Army hat. While it seems like many moons ago now, my memories of being in the US Army are some of the best of my life. It also shaped who I became as an adult and helped foster my patriotism in being an American. I am sure there are some not so fond memories suppressed, but I would not trade that experience for anything.
  3. I am wearing one of my favorite shirts that I was able to purchase at the base clothing store when Tammy and I flew to San Antonio, Texas to attend our older son Eric’s Air Force graduation at Lackland Air Force Base.
  4. You can’t really tell it from the picture, but it was taken at a beach. I have said for years that my favorite job in life would be to look out at the water in the morning and decides what color of flag to put up for the swimmers.
  5. That little boy in the picture has become such a joy in mine and Tammy’s life. After our three children were grown, Tammy and I decided to foster. As we heard about the events surrounding Marcus Fiesel, we decided we needed to do something. We became foster parents and cared for 21 children in a few short years. One of those children was Luke. We picked him up at the hospital when he was 3 days old. He has been with us ever since, and on May 29, 2013, we were able to adopt him. He is officially now, Luke Josiah Brooks. Checkout Luke’s site where I am trying to document the fun we are having with this guy.

Since I originally wrote the post above, Tammy and I experienced the loss of our 23 year old daughter. She was such a beautiful young lady and we miss her so much. Click here to see some videos we created in memory of her.
Anybody that knew Emily may remember that she had been through some dark times spiritually. The circumstances surrounding her death may never really be known. We don’t even have a word for the grief of a parent losing a child. Tammy and I are still dealing with it each day as best we can. Some days are better than others… In the midst of this grief, Tammy was reading some of Emily’s journals and she found this entry.
Emily wrote it on Friday evening just 3 days before she died.



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