Programmer – Pillar Technology (Cintas, Mason OH)

Mar 2006 – Jul 2007

  • ASP.Net development – using C#, Visual Studio Team System Tests, Caliber, StarTeam
  • WATIR UI Testing – Modified Paraesthesia library to use VSTS tests (instead of NUnit), and provide a mechanism to be able to pass variables between tests. Wrote tests that perform all steps required to submit an order.
  • Database Maintenance – Responsible for keeping Oracle development database changes synchronized with QA database. Imported data from Legacy systems (SQL 2K) into Oracle.
  • Continuous Integration Server – (CruiseControl) Setup new projects and modified existing projects on the build server.
  • Project Deployment – Wrote detailed MSBuild script and batch file to checkout source from version control (StarTeam), build projects, and deploy to selected servers.
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