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Owner, Project Lead, Programmer – A7Dev

Aug 2005 – Feb 2006

  • Kettering Seminars Web Scheduler Conversion (ASP.Net/C#) – This project involved converting an incomplete ASP application that had lingered for nearly two years.  By moving it to .NET/C#, I was able to complete the project.
  • GoPromo WebBuilder Conversion (ASP.NET/C#, SQL Server 2000) – Upgrading this site to SQL2K (from Access) solved a major scalability problem.  Converting the code to C# provided a much richer and dynamic user interface.
  • BradyWare Data Conversion, import, and folder maintenance programs (Visual Basic 6)
  • Postal Zip code WebService (C#) – As a working demo for a customer, I built a web service that returns zip code, city, and state information.
  • Yoder Industries .NET Remoting/serial interface to scale – The serial port portion of this app was done in C# 2.0.  It runs on a computer in the shipping area.  The computer from the data center uses .NET Remoting (1.1) to connect to the shipping computer and request the current weight from the scale.
  • Network Administration – Responsible for every step of purchasing, building loading, and maintaining computers.  Maintain more than 150 sites in IIS (wrote program to automate new domains).  Maintain DNS servers (wrote another program to script adding new domains). Responsible for ISA Firewall, keeping computers patched, backed up, etc…
  • Screen Scraping Application – C# windows application that gets the source of a web page every 15 seconds, and uses RegEx to parse the selected values into a database.